SAT/ACT English


This course aims to equip high school students with the skills needed for SAT/ACT Reading and Writing tests, to lay a solid foundation in grammar and writing conventions, and to improve their confidence in using formal, standard English.

Textbook and material

  • Required:
    1. Peterson’s SAT Prep Guide, 2017, ISBN-13: 978-0768941142

2017-2018 Preliminary Schedule

Week Teacher
Ms. Lin Cui (LC)
Pastor Rich Coffeen (RC)
Writing and Language Optional Essay
1 LC SAT overview, writing and language strategies
Diagnostic exercises
3 LC Three most common editing questions
Practice questions
5 LC Sentence fragments, run-ons, and comma splices

Practice questions
SAT Essay overview
Analysis an essay
7 LC Sentence coordination and subordination
Practice questions
Passage, prompt, central claim
Practice writing introduction
9 LC Parallel and modifiers
Practice questions
Essay organization
Effective language, word choice
Practice using better word choice
11 LC Verb tense, mood, and voice
Practice questions
Evidence, persuasive elements
13 LC Logical comparison
Practice questions
Practice essay
15 LC Practice test
Practice questions
Essay feedback