SAT/ACT Math Preparation Class


  • To help Sophomore/Junior high school students to be more prepared for SAT/ACT and SAT Math Subject II test

Textbook and material

  • Main textbook 1: Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition) (Official Study Guide for the New SAT), College Board, 2016.
  • Main textbook 2: SAT II Mathematics level 2: Designed to get a perfect score on the exam, John Chung, 2016
  • Practice book: The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2016 – 2017 1st Edition, ACT, 2016
  • Other math material, mainly SAT Subject II related

2016-2017 Math Class Preliminary Schedule

Week Topic
1-2 Basic math, Arithmetic, Sets and Logical reasoning
3-4 Algebra, factoring, exponents and logarithm
5-6 Algebra, inequalities, direct and inverse variation
7-8 Algebra, quadratic equation (algebra geometry concept discussion)
9-10 Plane geometry and measurement
11 Plane geometry & measurement, solid geometry
12 Statistics and probability
13-14 Trigonometry

Teacher Bio

陈安适,中国、加拿大工程硕士,美国MBA。数学根基扎实,有较丰富的美国高中数学教育经验,熟悉并掌握ACT/SAT/SAT Subject II里数学的各类题型,曾带出多个各项数学考试满分学生。对AMC, AIME等数学竞赛试题和流程也有较深研究。

Frank Chen
Obtained his MBA in the U.S., Frank has engineering master’s degrees respectively from China and Canada as well. His math skills are solid trained and has years of successful experience with teaching high school students. He is familiar and masterful with math topics and problems of ACT/SAT/SAT Subject II. A number of his students got full scores in all the standardized college admission tests. He also well studied the process and problems of math contests such as AMC, AIME.